It’s different with you !! :))

I can share my best moments

and there’s nothing

to be serious about

we are all cool with all the little sweet spicy sometimes feisty stuff ๐Ÿ˜‚

you are still a well known


and e’m still a



it’s beautiful

somewhere scary sometimes

still it has flaws

just like other perfect ones

but you are way too good

at some moments

i love saying

i know you are there to listen to my drama

i can make fun with you, of you , of me too when it’s all happening

you are a blessing

God sent all the way through

an alive angel ? i guess

what is more… umm ,

yaa the accent… that real stuff i love the most about you

stay same my

sweet naughty bitch person :*

That One Day ! โ™กโ˜†

Believe your dreams

like you own it girl,

its never too late

when you have just the right fate

believe the luck

with all the hardwork

you own it being your passion

that ” One Day”

will discover the new

people will have something

to see with your name

is’nt this shit

wholly fucking true !!

Connection within self ( exploration ) Aha !!

Okay most of you

might as well be thinking that

em goin to elaborate some sort of

spiritual being or sense of remaining calm

nope !!

So, with that being said lets start…


its been quite days

em not feeling upto the mark

still trying my self best to

opt for positive self affirmations

but alas!

mind wanders over a lot

of thoughts quite loud, some annoying ones too

in the end what soothes me

is allowing to feel myself neutral as i wanna being within the moment

thats real and true self being of mine

doesn’t matters if it is

being lethargic or


its just for me “BEING ME !! ” ( DEVIL EYES ) ๐Ÿคญ

so after a while just came across the

youtube video

yaaa i know …. era of social culture

but i love exploring

so would love to name it

” New Explorations !! “๐Ÿ˜‹

so where were we.. ya

i came across that youtube video

which talked about inner self

and how we can differentiate the

levels of being aware what

we are really feeling and

what we are actually feeling

for example : say

you are sick

but that is just a word

now say your true state is

being lazy and tired in the moment

see… it changed the whole fucking

vibration in the moment

and you can feel energized more

rather than using the word sick !!!

our mind tells us what we commands it

thats the whole conclusion

i would love to draw from the exploration ๐Ÿ˜‰

so ya thats all… for today.. oh and


That Dark Night

The winds blowing,

slight honks

shushhh sounds…

cold sweet whistles,

” I know you ! ” heard a noise coming from the side room

may be it was the fight ??

or just the nuisance of a little arguement

It said ” But i expected more out of you “

Is it ?

mind still wandering over the night i

clearly tried to find

my devil self

with the angel one

” You are the moon shine”

” You are the night wolf “

sometimes the mind wanders

over little indentity fights

we all have within us

may be with us

between the mind and the heart

that Battles !!

Just In Case !!

Just in case

no one ever told ya

you are still beautifull

just in case

no one ever felt that

you are still hopefull

just in case

no one ever speaks

you are still valuable

just in case

no one ever talks

you are still admirable

just in case

no one ever laughs with

you are still lovable

just in case

no one ever guides you

you are your own light

just in case

you feel its too late

believe in me

you are still worth the wait !!

BlueMoon ๐ŸŒš

You’re the
blemished bluemoon
saved in her gallary
even if she doesn’t wanna see
sometimes, the history
shows up itself
deleting you was never an option
cause in the heart she still wants more
seeing you, re- creating the
same thoughts again,
wish it was easy
to just click into the new day
without being much in the
morning u said ” Hey, Lady …
come on its rainbow outside, get up quick !! ” (blown a sweet blush rushing down her
cheeks )
i hope thee things you
did with me
not all the same would be
happening with her

wish to see the
smile u brought
to me
will always
remain to me
it was special.
Very, special !! โ™ก
#Muse #WriteUp #BlueMoon ๐ŸŒš

Now, its time to get up
and let the sunrise
: Dear Girl โ˜†
Not to keep seeing it drown !!

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